Lantern-Festival in Jinju

So yesterday Miu, Thao and I decided to go to the Lantern-Festival in Jinju! ^^
We woke up at 5AM, took the Express-Bus for 3 1/3 hours and arrived in Jinju at around 10:30AM.
Actually we wanted to visit the Water Museum, but because of contructions, it was closed....
So we just walked around, took (waaay too many) pictures, enjoyed the fresh air and the great view of the Nam-River ^^

I don't wanna write a lot and just let you guys enjoy a few of the many pictures we took (I will just comment a few of them ;D)
So sit back, scroll down & enjoy! hehe~
Note: Thanks to Miu for taking some of those awesome pictures & allowing me to use them ^-^
We could write down our wishes and pin it on our Zodiac sign ^^
Fooling around // Aren't we some badass superheroes? :D
 At night everything looked super pretty because of the lights and stuff :D

So that's it for this blogpost. I just wanted to share the pictures with you guys because fb would be too annoying (to many notifications would show up..I know that xD)

See you in my next blogpost :D